About Us



Mission Statement: To create an environment where the fish keeping community can better communicate and work together.


Brief Statement: We are a new site looking to help local hobbyist sell and buy from one another. Anyone who has been in the hobby for a little while knows how expensive it can be which is a huge burden on every hobbyist. So, we want to give an opportunity to local hobbyist to work out their own personal deals with each other. This will help users off load their livestock that they might be unable to house or Hardware that they no longer use. This will give other members of the community to buy your item or livestock and give it another chance to shine at a discount from retail prices. Join us to help make the hobby more accessible to all!


About Me: I created this website to help bring the fish community together. I Have been a fish keeper for about 8 years now. I started out with freshwater fish like many people do. Slowly I became a huge enthusiast for keeping fish. I keep adding tank after tank until I had to downsize due to a move. As I had a new home, I decided to finally make the move into saltwater fish. I decided I would go big or go home and started out with a 300-gallon tank. I had a lot of ups and downs with that tank but continue to be a part of the hobby. So, I currently have freshwater tanks and a saltwater aquarium. My day-to-day job which pays the bill is as a software engineer. I mostly focus on web applications, so I decided to try and use my skill to create something for the community. I noticed that Facebook, Offer Up, and most other marketplaces ban the sale of livestock and wanted to give everyone an option to sell, rehome or purchase livestock on an open market. More about my personal life is that I am an US Army veteran, I have three little dogs, a cat, and a wonderful daughter. So yeah, I might as well be running a farm. I am from New York born and raised. I am always super busy but feel free to reach out to me and chat me up about fish. You won’t get me to stop once I get going.


Here is a picture of me, my dog and my second freshwater tank just for laughs!